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Artefill - 5 vials x 1 ml

Artefill - 5 vials x 1 ml

Package: 5 vials x 1 ml . Total: 5 ml
Usage: Injectable
A perfect long-lasting solution for wrinkle correction! Artefill is a non-resorbable injectable dermal filler for the correction of wrinkles and lines on the face.
Produced by: China
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Artefill - 10 vials x 1 ml

Artefill - 10 vials x 1 ml

Package: 10 vials x 1 ml . Total: 10 ml
Usage: Injectable
A perfect long-lasting solution for wrinkle correction! Artefill is a non-resorbable injectable dermal filler for the correction of wrinkles and lines on the face.
Produced by: China
Buy Artefill Online. Drugs. More DetailsNOT IN STOCK!

Artefill, Buy Artefill Online

Brand name: ArteFill;
Generic Name: Dermal filler;
Active ingredient: Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) microspheres suspended in 3.5% denatured bovine collagen with 0.3% lidocaine.

Lastly a permanent solution for line rectification!
Experience Long-lasting Attractiveness with the Lasting Folds Solution!

Artefill is dissimilar from temporary fillers that you have injected in the past.
The Artefill is an aseptically manufactured method containing cleased collagen gel.
Every Artefill contains of 3.5% bovine collagen, 2.7% phosphate buffer, 0.9% sodium chloride, 0.3% lidocaine hydrochloride, and 92.6% water for injection.
- is durable
- is economical
- feels normal
- necessitates minimum injections
- is more suitable

Impermanent injectable folds fillers are manufactured of dissimilar varieties of natural or synthetic ingredients that are fragmented and finally absorbed by your body. As a result, wrinkle rectification is just impermanent and you possible need repeat injections several months later the first dealing to keep your line rectification.
This product is different. The exceptional microspheres are not absorbed by your body and act in your skin to crate collagen that offers the maintenance your skin needs for natural, lasting results.
This preparation is the long-lasting solution for wrinkle correction. With Artefill:
- dealings advance over the treatment of several months and stand the test of time.
- has exclusive care profile.
- dealings are done during a simple, in-office method.
- offers instantaneous results for wrinkle correction permiting you to return to your normal daily activities.

How does Artefill work to rectificate folds?
Artefill's Microsphere-Enhanced Collagen provides a Support Matrix for enduring line adjustment.
The single microspheres are not absorbed by your body and produce a support matrix for durable folds rectification by acting together with your body's own collagen. Upon insertions, the collagen in Artefill evidently lessens the wrinkles immediately and the microspheres offer maintainence for your skin.

The Artefill dealing is an innocent, in-office method which takes a few minutes to inject.

Note: The Artefill has to be maintained at standard refrigerator temperatures.

The patient must be wholly assesed of the purpose of and assessment criteria for the skin test.
1. After confirming that contraindications to the recomended Artefill cure don't happen, Artefill is administered. At the time of the initial evaluation, a complete health history should be gained.
2. The Artefill syringe has to be stored to room temperature before injection.
3. After cleaning the site, 0.1 cc Artefill should be fixed intradermal into a volar forearm surface. The effects of the skin test should be carefully evaluated for a 4-week period prior to the introduction of injection with Artefill. Persons has to be instructed to advise their physicians of every annoying test result observed within the 4-week period.

a. Positive Effect:
An affirmative result involves of erythema of any amount, induration, ache, as well growth, with or without pruritus, which might occur at once following implantation and stays for more than 24 hours or occurs more than 24 hours next insertion.

b. Equivocal Response:
An equivocal result is one in which there is no localized skin result, but the patient does cause a possible systemic result such as a rash, arthralgia (sore joints) or myalgia (sore muscles), which happens at every time during the 4-week observation period. In case an equivocal response is remarked, a 2-nd injection in the opposite arm is essential, with remark for an added four weeks. Persons showing an optimistic or equivocal result in this 2-nd test has not be cured.
4. Discard the syringe after usage of the Artefill.

This scale can be injected as a guide to approximate the volume of this medication you can need to achieve a wanted level of folds rectification. Artefill has an analgesic to diminish the discomfort from the practice. With good administrating, Artefill may not be felt after procedure. You will see immediate results in folds adjustment and can return to your usual quotidian activities.

Artefill is safe and effective:
Artefill has proven to be a safe and effective dermal filler for wrinkle rectification and was approved by the U.S. FDA in October 2006. In clinical testing, Artefill was as safe as the control temporary dermal filler.
Artefill has a single safety profile.
- Over 25,000 patients have been treated with Artefill since its launch in February 2007.
- Artefill has a very high patient satisfaction degree.
- Artefill's technology platform has been studied in patients since 1998.

The skin test is a safety insurance to guarantee that you are not sensitive to the collagen in Artefill.
The Aterfill must not be injectied in lips.
Artefill is formulated with an analgesic (lidocaine) for patient comfort. For supplementary comfort, the specialist can frozen the cured part with a current or local sedative agent.
A usual Artefill treatment only takes near 15-30 minutes. If you have any skin spates (e.g. nodules, hives, flushes, and infection) near the insertion part, you must stop therapy until they disappear. If you are administrating aspirin (NSAIDs) or anti-inflammatory medicines or have any medical illness that marks your blood, you may experience amplified bruising or bleeding at the insertion sites.
Adding, you must notify your doctor if you:
- have had some dermal filler cures in the last 6 months
- are receiving UV light treatment
- are currently on immunosuppressive remedy (preparation usually suggested for those who have undergone an organ transplant, or are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, or other conditions.)

Ask your medic about Artefill Injectable Wrinkle Filler. Together, you may make an informed decision as to how Artefill will help you in descreasing lines.

Side Reactions:
The most regular bad reactions of Artefill cure are:
- slight growth,
- blushing or bruising at the insertion part.

The swelling and reddening ordinarily disappear within 24 hours, and the bruising regularly goes away within three to seven days.
Artefill might cause severe scoring in people who form keloid scars or hypertrophic scars. Persons who incline to form these types of scars have to not insert Artefill.

Other persons who should not insert Artefill include the following:
Patients with a known allergy or hypersensitivity to lidocaine, bovine collagen, injectable collagen or collagen implants, hemostatic sponges or collagen-based sutures.
Patients with hemophilia as well as persons who are using any products that diminishes blood clotting.

Artefill has bovine collagen and is contraindicated for patients with a history of sensitivities to any bovine collagen medications, including but not limited to collagen injectable (except to verify questionable allergy), collagen inserts, hemostatic sponges, and collagen-based sutures, because these persons are likely to have hypersensitivity to the Artefill. Artefill is contraindicated for people with grave sensitivities shown by a history of anaphylaxis or history or presence of several severe allergies. Artefill has lidocaine and is not recommended for persons with known hypersensitivity to lidocaine. Artefill is contraindicated for people undergoing or planning to feel desensitization insertions to meat products, as these injections might contain bovine collagen.

Keeping advices:
Artefill syringes should be stored at typical refrigerator heats. It is forbidden to to freeze!

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